Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life as a Missionary

I’m a missionary now and it’s so crazy! I have officially been Nelson Elder for an entire week and I’m loving every moment of it.  My companion’s name is Gould Elder from Phoenix Arizona.  I also am part of the largest district in the MTC with a grand total of tizenketto (12) Elders and egy (1) Nover (sister). Each and every one of them are great and I’m grateful to know them.

The schedule and Hungarian (Magyarul) is rough.  I was here a grand total of a day before I was told to give an entire missionary discussion in ALL Magyarul.  I saw the language one day only to teach in it the next. It was slightly butchered, but the spirit was there and that’s all that matters.  We have six hours of Magyarul study a day, three 45 minute meal breaks, a little bit of gym time depending on the day (BASKETBALL), about two or three hours of personal study, an hour of language study, daily planning and we are all going from 6 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. Definitely exhausting, but worth it.

The language is so cray that it even has slightly tonal qualities.  You ask questions and say phrases differently as compared to Engligh.  It’s so complex in the sense that there is not words to speak in the possessive and other things like that, you just have to conjugate the entire word.  It’s so beautiful, but I truly do understand the claim that it is the second hardest language for English speakers.

Either way it has been an amazing journey thus far and I can't wait to tell more.  I leave for Hungary on the 30th of July. One week down, ten to go!

I will write more next week,

Nelson Elder

The food in the MTC doesn't treat you too well hahaha.

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  1. Keep em coming Jake! Very fun and interesting to read about your progress.

    Your cousin,