Wednesday, June 27, 2012

hat hét (week 6)

Another great week in the MT of C.  It was so wonderful, with zone leader drama, new Hungarian missionaries coming in and I got to see an apostle speak for my first time being in the MTC!

I'll start with a stomach update.  It's doing way better, not hurting and I can basically eat like normal.  I have to go to the hospital on the 5th of July for an upper endoscopy though.  It's not that it's bad, it's just the doctors don't want me to have to go to an extremely sketchy Hungarian hospital, which apparently they all are.  There is a Hungarian nover here, Feher nover, headed to Finland's mission, but she just had to get surgery.  She was actually relieved knowing it was an American hospital, enough said.

Being zone leader is great, but it also has it's downs as well.  Two nights ago I was laying in bed and my district along with some other rooms started banging on the walls at 10:32.  Bed time is 10:30, so the fact that the banging echoed through the building was not good foreshadowing.  So I leaned over to Gould elder, just like a parent, and told him it was his turn.  He rolled out of bed to get to the bottom of the situation only to open the door to 15 elders from other floors.  They immediately started yelling at him.  Of course, I wasn't going to have any of that, so I jump out of my top bunk and tell these uncontrollable and irrational elders to calm down.  One of the elders, feeling extra brave, got in my face yelling, "WHAT'S YOUR DISTRICT NUMBER?"  I stayed pretty composed and responded, "Chill out and get back to your floor.  I'm elder Nelson, the zone leader here.  You let me take care of my elders and if you have any questions my room is 307."  Well, long story short, most of these elders agreed and let me take care of the situation which really helped, but one elder persisted.  I got yelled at the next day by some MTC security for apparently attacking and telling off one of the elders, the one who got in my face.  It wasn't bad and I don't really know how I would have handled it differently, but it was a good experience.  Sometimes your not going to be liked by everyone as a missionary because their are so many different approaches, but I know that if I'm doing my best, the Lord will bless me and those I love so much.

We got new kicsi (little) missionaries today!  There is 5 of them, 2 novers and 3 elders.  There's not much to this but I'm excited!

Last, but not least, I saw elder Perry speak last Tuesday.  I was in the presence of not only elder Perry, but also elders Ballard, Scott, Holland, Bednar, Cook, Anderson, Oaks and Christoferson.  It was such a powerful moment when these apostles of the Lord entered the room.  It was a quiet, but tearful moment to feel the entire atmosphere of the small gym expand in the spirit.  If that was not enough, the talk was absolutely inspiring.

I would just like to finish with my testimony to all you, my brothers and sisters!  Tudom hogy Jezus Krisztus a Sabadito es Joseph Smith a profeta.  Tudom hogy a csaladunk orrokevalo es Mennyei Atyank gyermikei vagyunk.  Tudom hogy Jezus Krisztus evangelium altal, Isten beszel minket.  Jezus Krisztus neveben, Amen. 

(Sorry there are no accents, English keyboard)

I love you all!
Nelson elder

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

heti öt (week 5)

This week was the hardest by far.  I guess after a good week a difficult one is just bound to come, but everyday is only as good as you make it. 
I learned the valuable lesson of not leaving unresolved problems this week haha.  I'll start from the beginning.  Each and everyday at the MTC is wonderful, but the exact same.  Days just start to blend into one and you lose track of which day it is so quick.  The only thing tying each one of the elders and sisters to the outside world is their posta.  It comes twice a day, so when you get some posta, you can't help but freak out with excitement.  That happened last Wednesday, until I read the inside.  This was nem jo posta (no good mail).  It was a friend that was less than happy with me.  My immediate response was to reach for my non-existent phone and call the person until I realized that it was non- existant.  I then thought of writing, which luckily I could because it was still my personal day.  One piece of advice for any and all pre-missionaries who may be reading this, DO NOT LEAVE THINGS UNSAID.  Weirdly, life goes on while you are on your mission, but that's the fun part too.
If that wasn't rough enough, I woke up Friday night in sweats while my stomach was killing me.  I woke up at 4 am and I didn't get back to sleep.  It was so bad that I had to miss out on the missionary work of the day.  That night I was blessed though.  I felt the prompting to get out of bed, despite the stabbing pains in my stomach.  As I got up, my stomach still hurt, but I then felt another prompting to go to my night class at 6 pm.  So I put on my church cloths and with patient Gould elder, I made my way to class.  That night my district and I had one of the most spiritually eye opening meetings.  It was amazing.  When I got back to the residence, my pains returned.  The Lord is already lifting me in my weakness!  I had to do some tests with the doctor to see what is wrong, but I will keep you all informed.
Then, the worst was realizing how much I miss my supportive family and friends.  As me and Gould elder sat down for companionship inventory, basically a companion heart to heart, we began to talk about what we missed most.  I realized it was the support my family and friends give me in my time of need.  In times like I'm experiencing right now.  With that being said, I know I am here for a reason.  I am where the Lord needs me to be.  It's surreal, hard, fun, crazy and all worth it.  I haven't even seen the Magyarok (Hungarian people) yet and I already love them all.  That's how I get through all of this and how missionary work changes lives, love.
Well, on a happier note, this week was an awesome week to be zone leader.  Not only did I get to welcome a new group of missionaries going to Micronesia Guam into our zone, but I also got to see off the Hungarian ussi (ancients).  I had so many good friends in this district going to Hungary, including the fellow Salemite, Victoria Fox.  It was so hard to put them on a bus and not jump on with them, but hey, only 6 more weeks!  I'm half way there, just living on a prayer.  The MTC is so szap, but I am just getting to antsy to get to Hungary. 
For now I'm just making the most out of every moment, the MTC and every experience.  I love these people I will be serving with.  I just know that there are people in Hungary waiting for a relationship with their Heavenly Father.  I am going to give them that.
Lesson of the day, "Obedience brings blessings.  Exact obedience makes miracles." 
Love the family, love the Lord, love life, love the Magyarok.
Nelson elder.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

négy hét (week 4)

Sziasztok minden emberek,
This was a crazy week!  I learned so much its crazy. 
1.  Water polo is the national sport of Hungary! 
2.  The language comes quicker than I thought.
3.  Sundays are the most crazy days on a mission.
4.  If I memorize a scripture a day I will have a photographic memory by the end of my mission.
5.  I got called as zone leader for my branch.
1.  I was super stoked to hear that the national sport was my sport until I remembered I can't play it when I'm on my mission.  Not really much to the thought, but it's there!
2.  The language is going so well now, I guess I just needed to get over the hump of learning.  We had a day last week called csok magyarul, meaning "just Hungarian."  It's pretty self explanatory, our district basically just spoke in Hungarian all day, well tried to.  I thought I was going to fail so quick, but I tried going in with a positive attitude and I did it!  Most of my district gave up after reggeli (breakfast), but I kept it going almost all day.  I finally realized that the Lord really will provide a way.  I can communicate in my mission language and I'm so stoked!  I also realized how good I'm getting as I helped our ussi (older missionaries) during their consecration week.  The week before Hungarians leave, they have a thing called consecration week, which is when they speak only in Hungarian for a week.  I mean they aren't too much more advanced than I am, but I understood most everything.  Gotta love the Lord.
3.  Sundays are the best, but they are most definitely crazy.  It is activity after activity of spiritual wonder.  I tried to make that sound as appealing as possible, which I think was a success.  We wake up, have some breakfast in the cafeteria, then the meetings begin.  Especially with a calling, it's meeting after meeting.  then the day is topped with an amazing fireside given by a general authority.  We end with some personal study and daily planning.  The best part is, Sundays in the mission field are going to be way more crazy, oh yeah.'
4.  Since coming into the MTC I remembered the promise given by President Thomas S. Monson about memorizing a scripture a day.  The prophet told of his journey toward a photographic memory, he simply memorized a scripture a day for two years.  He promised us that if we followed in his footsteps that we would have a photographic memory as well!  Long story short, I'm coming back with a photographic memory. 
5.  It's so crazy, I got called, along with my companion, to be a zone leader this last Sunday.  I'm so excited to serve!  We are in charge of seeing off the departing missionaries, welcoming the new ones and maintaining strength in our branch.  It's kind of a humbling experience to be called as a zone leader while in the midst of all of these amazing Elders.  It's humbling to know that the Lord has seen me fit to look after some of his best.  We even started our responsibilities this last Tuesday by seeing off a district going to Arizona at 4 a.m.  Early, but worth it.
In other news, the mission is amazing.  Nothing is more satisfying than helping a person come closer to Christ.  I know that I am here as the Lord's hands and there is people in Hungary just ready for the gospel. 
I love you all! 
Love the mission, love the family, and loving life.
Nelson Elder

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

három hete (week 3)

I am so glad to be able to write right now!  I have so much that has happened in this past week it's crazy.  I don't even know where to begin.

This last Tuesday, the English speaking missionaries that we came in with left and are now well into their first transfers as missionaries.  I am so jealous!  Growing up, all you wish is to get this super awesome mission that makes people super shocked.  Now that I did get a crazy mission with a crazy language, the story is different.  I know I am meant to serve in Hungary and I'm so excited for it, but at the same time I wish I could be out and telling others about this wonderful gospel right NOW.

On top of that, our "ussi," (Hungarian for ancients) or the older group of Hungarian missionaries are leaving in a week and a half.  They are currently in their "consecration week" which is the week in the MTC where they are only allowed to speak Hungarian.  These missionaries get to go to Hungary in 1 1/2 weeks when I have 8 to go, no fair.

Although I'm super excited, I'm also nervous beyond  belief.  I love the people already and I feel ready to tell everyone about the wonderful message of the restoration, but not in Hungarian.  I guess I just didn't realize how difficult it really is to speak another language in the matter of a few weeks as a missionary.  The freaky thing is in 8 weeks I'm going to have people that are relying on me to share the gospel with them.  Peoples lives are going to be in my hands and I can barley introduce myself now.  The scariest part is not being able to see the end of the tunnel.

I think the thing I have learned the most so far has been my need to rely on the Lord.  I have had times after a horrible lesson when everything falls apart, I don't understand what the investigators saying, me and my companion aren't communicating well, or just the fact that me or my companion do not remember how to say anything in Hungarian, when my heart is just broken.  It just brings tears to my eyes and makes me question, "Why Hungary?  Why me?" 

I just want to bear my testimony that I know that God listens to each and every one of us.  He knows our struggles, hopes and fears.  I know that he will provide a way for us to accomplish the things in which he asks of us.  Our Heavenly Father would never put us through anything we couldn't handle.  Although I can't even see myself speaking fluent Hungarian now, I know the Lord will provide a way.  I know that anything is possible through my Savior.

My district is so funny.  They are the self proclaimed jokesters.  In good and bad ways, they always have to bring the party.  Today the entire district stood outside the doors where the new missionaries as the self proclaimed welcoming committee.  When a fresh missionary came out we attacked with "WHERE YOU GOING ELDER?!"  I'm telling you, the goofiest guys you would ever meet are in my district and I love them all. 

This week I did my last preparatory English lesson, it was depressing how well it went because I know that it won't be in English for 2 years!  Breaking my heart.

Either way, love the mission, love the family, loving life.