Wednesday, June 27, 2012

hat hét (week 6)

Another great week in the MT of C.  It was so wonderful, with zone leader drama, new Hungarian missionaries coming in and I got to see an apostle speak for my first time being in the MTC!

I'll start with a stomach update.  It's doing way better, not hurting and I can basically eat like normal.  I have to go to the hospital on the 5th of July for an upper endoscopy though.  It's not that it's bad, it's just the doctors don't want me to have to go to an extremely sketchy Hungarian hospital, which apparently they all are.  There is a Hungarian nover here, Feher nover, headed to Finland's mission, but she just had to get surgery.  She was actually relieved knowing it was an American hospital, enough said.

Being zone leader is great, but it also has it's downs as well.  Two nights ago I was laying in bed and my district along with some other rooms started banging on the walls at 10:32.  Bed time is 10:30, so the fact that the banging echoed through the building was not good foreshadowing.  So I leaned over to Gould elder, just like a parent, and told him it was his turn.  He rolled out of bed to get to the bottom of the situation only to open the door to 15 elders from other floors.  They immediately started yelling at him.  Of course, I wasn't going to have any of that, so I jump out of my top bunk and tell these uncontrollable and irrational elders to calm down.  One of the elders, feeling extra brave, got in my face yelling, "WHAT'S YOUR DISTRICT NUMBER?"  I stayed pretty composed and responded, "Chill out and get back to your floor.  I'm elder Nelson, the zone leader here.  You let me take care of my elders and if you have any questions my room is 307."  Well, long story short, most of these elders agreed and let me take care of the situation which really helped, but one elder persisted.  I got yelled at the next day by some MTC security for apparently attacking and telling off one of the elders, the one who got in my face.  It wasn't bad and I don't really know how I would have handled it differently, but it was a good experience.  Sometimes your not going to be liked by everyone as a missionary because their are so many different approaches, but I know that if I'm doing my best, the Lord will bless me and those I love so much.

We got new kicsi (little) missionaries today!  There is 5 of them, 2 novers and 3 elders.  There's not much to this but I'm excited!

Last, but not least, I saw elder Perry speak last Tuesday.  I was in the presence of not only elder Perry, but also elders Ballard, Scott, Holland, Bednar, Cook, Anderson, Oaks and Christoferson.  It was such a powerful moment when these apostles of the Lord entered the room.  It was a quiet, but tearful moment to feel the entire atmosphere of the small gym expand in the spirit.  If that was not enough, the talk was absolutely inspiring.

I would just like to finish with my testimony to all you, my brothers and sisters!  Tudom hogy Jezus Krisztus a Sabadito es Joseph Smith a profeta.  Tudom hogy a csaladunk orrokevalo es Mennyei Atyank gyermikei vagyunk.  Tudom hogy Jezus Krisztus evangelium altal, Isten beszel minket.  Jezus Krisztus neveben, Amen. 

(Sorry there are no accents, English keyboard)

I love you all!
Nelson elder

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