Wednesday, June 13, 2012

négy hét (week 4)

Sziasztok minden emberek,
This was a crazy week!  I learned so much its crazy. 
1.  Water polo is the national sport of Hungary! 
2.  The language comes quicker than I thought.
3.  Sundays are the most crazy days on a mission.
4.  If I memorize a scripture a day I will have a photographic memory by the end of my mission.
5.  I got called as zone leader for my branch.
1.  I was super stoked to hear that the national sport was my sport until I remembered I can't play it when I'm on my mission.  Not really much to the thought, but it's there!
2.  The language is going so well now, I guess I just needed to get over the hump of learning.  We had a day last week called csok magyarul, meaning "just Hungarian."  It's pretty self explanatory, our district basically just spoke in Hungarian all day, well tried to.  I thought I was going to fail so quick, but I tried going in with a positive attitude and I did it!  Most of my district gave up after reggeli (breakfast), but I kept it going almost all day.  I finally realized that the Lord really will provide a way.  I can communicate in my mission language and I'm so stoked!  I also realized how good I'm getting as I helped our ussi (older missionaries) during their consecration week.  The week before Hungarians leave, they have a thing called consecration week, which is when they speak only in Hungarian for a week.  I mean they aren't too much more advanced than I am, but I understood most everything.  Gotta love the Lord.
3.  Sundays are the best, but they are most definitely crazy.  It is activity after activity of spiritual wonder.  I tried to make that sound as appealing as possible, which I think was a success.  We wake up, have some breakfast in the cafeteria, then the meetings begin.  Especially with a calling, it's meeting after meeting.  then the day is topped with an amazing fireside given by a general authority.  We end with some personal study and daily planning.  The best part is, Sundays in the mission field are going to be way more crazy, oh yeah.'
4.  Since coming into the MTC I remembered the promise given by President Thomas S. Monson about memorizing a scripture a day.  The prophet told of his journey toward a photographic memory, he simply memorized a scripture a day for two years.  He promised us that if we followed in his footsteps that we would have a photographic memory as well!  Long story short, I'm coming back with a photographic memory. 
5.  It's so crazy, I got called, along with my companion, to be a zone leader this last Sunday.  I'm so excited to serve!  We are in charge of seeing off the departing missionaries, welcoming the new ones and maintaining strength in our branch.  It's kind of a humbling experience to be called as a zone leader while in the midst of all of these amazing Elders.  It's humbling to know that the Lord has seen me fit to look after some of his best.  We even started our responsibilities this last Tuesday by seeing off a district going to Arizona at 4 a.m.  Early, but worth it.
In other news, the mission is amazing.  Nothing is more satisfying than helping a person come closer to Christ.  I know that I am here as the Lord's hands and there is people in Hungary just ready for the gospel. 
I love you all! 
Love the mission, love the family, and loving life.
Nelson Elder

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