Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Another great week here in the MTC!

You have just got to love a place where everyone is trying so hard to do their best.  I mean what other place in the world do you know that has a group of 3,000 nineteen year old boys and twenty-one year old girls striving to keep rules.  Last week was a stellar week, or some might say kivalo (excellent).  It was entertaining, spiritual and just a memorable week. 

I got to meet my mission president!  Smith elnok is so wonderful I can't even contain how excited I am.  He just has this presence about him that makes you trust and love him.  He is just a wave of spiritual power that seems to impress me the more and more I think about him.  Before his call he was a partner in a major law firm in Salt Lake City.  When we all heard he was a lawyer, we were expecting this man that would be one of the most stringent and serious mission presidents we could have had.  Turns out we were wrong.  I am so excited to serve by his side and change some lives!
Nelson Elder and the mission President and his wife
I am officially released!  Zone leaders are only allowed to serve 3 week terms in the MTC and I hit that term last Sunday.  More time to focus on those erdekledok (investigators) now!  Although I'm excited to spend and serve in other capacities now, I'm going to miss it a little bit.  I never realized the difference I made until my release.  Three elders were going to go home and give up, but because the love Gould elder and I, along with their districts and companions, changed their minds and more importantly strengthened their knowledge of the importance of missionary work.  I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to help these elders and change lives even here in the MTC.  I know the Lord is watching over this place and I couldn't be more grateful.

Although this week was great, it did have a heart breaking moment.  One of my good friends in my district lost his older brother.  It broke my heart as I saw my friend and brother hurt for his loss.  He was such an example to me though.  Despite this trial, this elder decided to stay because he knew why he was here.  He knew that through this gospel there is hope.  He knew that there are people in Hungary waiting for this same good message.  I see glimpses of Christ every day, here in the MTC.

Gould elder's and my lessons have been growing every day.  Everyone just gets us more excited to finally see the people we have been waiting to change the lives of.  One lesson in particular stuck out among the rest, our one with Edit.  We have been teaching this wonderful woman for weeks, but she just has had a fear of praying in front of us.  Gould elder and I just wanted her to feel the power that lies within prayer.  At the end of the lesson we kneeled in prayer and Gould elder and I let out two of our most sincere prayers.  Although she didn't pray, I know the spirit was felt.  Although it's important to speak Hungarian, it is not half as important as speaking with the spirit.

I know for a fact that the Lord answers prayers.  I have had a lot of hard times in my life and have had to rely on prayer.  I thought that I had a testimony of prayer and I did, but not half as strong as my testimony now.  I know that the Lord speaks to us through prayer.  I know that through our faith and through sincere prayer we can move mountains and more importantly, change lives. 

Tudom hogy Jezus Krisztus es hit altal, minden dolog lehatsegest.  Tudom hogy Isten beszel nekunk ima altal es Mennyei Atyank szerett minket es minden ember.  Szeretem Jezus Krisztus es minden dolog ad nekem.  Jezus Krisztus evangelium igaz.  Jezus Krisztus neveben, amen.

I got some stories, but I'll save them for next week.  I miss each of you who read this and I pray for each and every one of you every day.


Nelson elder.

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