Wednesday, July 18, 2012

9 hét (week 9)

11 days until I am leaving to be with the Magyarok!

This is an interesting email this week considering the fact that I'm officially in consecration week!  Meaning, just like our ussi (older missionaries), we are speaking, hearing and doing nothing but Hungarian this week.  On top of that we consecrate what else we see fit.  For me, I am praying, even in my head, in nothing but Magyarul, waking up an hour early, at 5:30, to study the language, read my mail, use some of my gym time to seriously work out and I am determined to learn a minimum of 250 new words.  It's going to be an awesome week and with the Lord on my side I'm sure to succeed.

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to get to Hungary.  The teachers have finally started to unleash the stories on us about their crazy experiences in my otthon (home) for two years.  I found out, on average, it took my teachers about 6 months to fully understand the language and a year to feel a hundred percent comfortable, but hey missionaries can talk about the gospel as soon as they get out of the MTC hahaha.  If anyone wants to hear about the restoration in 11 days when I meet them, I'm on it!

Although my entire district is stoked to finally get to Hungary, there seems to be some sparks starting to fly between some elders in my district.  We have one of the smallest rooms in the MTC for our classroom and everyone is on different levels with their Hungarian so it’s causing a wee bit of contention, but hey!  Success is 75% attitude, so I`ll just do all I can to share that loving attitude that the Lord has blessed me with to help these elders.

We had the coolest devotional this week!  We got to see Elder Oaks daughter perform, a world renowned violinist.  Jenny Oaks Baker, a Julliard graduate, light up the room with her beautiful music.  It makes me miss music so much!  In the MTC and as a missionary in general, there isn`t much down time to listen to music, but you just have to savor every moment you are blessed with music.

Just wait, 11 days and the Europa stories begin.

Tudom hogy Jézus Krisztus által minden dolog lehetséges.  Jézus Krisztus evangélium a földön.  Isten szeret minden emberek a földön. Jézus Krisztus neveben, Ámen.

Szeretlek minden emberek ki olvas ez level.

Nelson elder

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