Monday, August 13, 2012

Hungary Week 2

This week was csodálitos, but so hard.  When an investigator doesn't show up, we call that being dogged.  We were dogged A LOT this week, but there is a reason for everything right?  I got to see Gould elder for my first time after being here because he is in my district.  So much to say I don't even know where to start.

First of all, our first week was one of my companions greatest weeks for handing out Book of Mormons, but the only problem with that is that we didn't anticipate handing out so many so we ran out of Book of Mormons.  The mission home is 2 hours away and that is the closest place to get Book if Mormons.  We called the president and decided to just wait for 5 days until the senior couple headed to the mission home in Budapest.  It turned out that the office elders gave them 5 boxes of Liahona magazines, not 5 boxes of Book of Mormons.  We have now been 9 days without Book of Mormons and we have to wait another 6.  It is a little hard to tell about a book that we can't even give them, but we all have challenges in our lives right? hahaha

Being dogged is a little rough.  It's not that bad for me as a missionary, but it is hard to realize the person we were going to meet with may not get to hear about the gospel.  I just found myself down after only being able to teach a total of 3 investigator lessons after an entire week, but as I just knelt down and cried to my heavenly father, I realized that it is all for a reason.  We worked super hard on finding and we are finding some of the most amazing people.  We are changing lives already.

I can talk!  I am understanding and talking more and more every single day.  Success is attitude, so I figure if I can just be the happiest guy ever, it will come.  I weirded out my companion the first couple days because I asked to street on the opposite side of the street.  He was shocked as he asked, "Alone?!"  I was just like, "Alone!"  It is helping so much and I feel myself getting more in the flow of conversation thanks to the help of my Savior.  I still don't understand insults yet though, but that's okay.  I once said to my companion after streeting someone, "That was a really nice person."  My companion then said, "That person said f--- you."  I then said, "I don't care I don't speak Hungarian."  Attitude is everything.  I'm already getting the name "mosoly elder" (smile elder).  A smile changes the world.

My apartment is so nice!  Everyone here stays in these 10 story apartment buildings which were built by the Russians.  We stay in one of those and it is way better than I expected.  The only problem is when you hold the shower head wrong it electrocutes you, de semi baj (but no worries).  Makes me feel alive.

One last thing, it is so weird to see how different the styles are here.  Not everybody is super immodest, but some of the things I see people wear makes my jaw drop.  I literally saw a girls underwear my first day here because her skirt was so short.  There is also very descriptive statues of women here.  It's very weird especially as a missionary.  My only problem is I have a habit of starring when I see it.

I couldn't love this place more though.  My companion, the people and the work is just like I dreamed of.  Loving life and giving all I've got.  Never waste a moment.

Nelson elder

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