Monday, October 15, 2012

Hungary week 11

Hey everyone!

Bowen elder and I are just loving life out here in Veszprém right now.  It has been a week of miracles and some really big steps for the work here.  From the moment I got here, I have heard the absolutely true statement repetitively that this mission is different.  This mission is absolutely different, but it is absolutely different because it is destined to be the fastest growing mission in the world, or so I have determined.  The evidence was placed before me this week, the only step that needs to be taken now is to continue in boldness and faith in the Lord.

This week Bowen elder and I decided to take some extremely large steps towards being the missionaries we always wanted to be.  We recognized our purpose is not only to help people have faith in Christ, but turn that faith into continuous steps towards Christ.  What better way to help then through baptism.  So many missionaries fear that people will think we are here to help them be baptized, but in all honesty, what is wrong with them understanding that?  Of course I want these people to be baptized because that is evidence of a person stepping towards their Savior.  This week, Bowen elder and I set a goal to challenge everyone we come into contact with to baptism.  Our work exploded in ways I didn't even expect and I couldn't be more grateful.

This week, due to our efforts last week, we are expected to have 5 people on a baptismal date.  These are people who were touched by our challenge and we are going to help them receive their answer before a specific date.  I am just so consumed in gratitude.  My expectations for the miracles I will make happen here in Hungary are not diminishing with time, but exponentially multiplying.  These people I have been able to help have truly changed my life and have made me realize how much this gospel truly means to me.

It is amazing to see so many people grow and step towards the Savior, but it doesn't make it any easier to see those I love turn away from just giving the Lord a chance to tell them the Book of Mormon is true.  This message I have been called to share is that simple.  Take the Book of Mormon, read, ponder and pray, asking the specific question, "is it true," and we will know that this is the restored church of Jesus Christ.  There is no strings attached.  We just give people the tools and pray they use them.

It was so eventful this week though.  We taught such a variety of people simply challenging each one of them to find out the Book of Mormon is true and then act through baptism.  We had a range of responses from "I'm gay and I don't know if I can change even with that answer" to "Of course I would!"  We have truly experienced what feels like the range of emotions that should be felt in a lifetime in the span of seven days. 

The greatest and most coincidental experience this week was my opportunity to finish the Book of Mormon for my first time since being on my mission.  I received my testimony of it's truthfulness before my mission by taking its challenge to read, ponder and pray.  The Lord blessed me with the same witness and answer once again.  This book is true.  How great is missionary work?  You simply tell people truth and get to see the miracle of them receiving their answer.  

Like I previously stated, miracles are happening here in Veszprém, I just don't know how I received such a spectacular opportunity such as this.  I am so grateful to be here.  The gospel is true.

Sok szeretettel,

Nelson elder

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