Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hungary Week 46

I didn't forget to write yesterday, no worries, it is just transfer week.  We have our P-day on Tuesday during transfer week.  Interesting news, I am not staying in Pécs!  I got the last call I expected and am going zone leader in the other side of the country in Szeged.  It will be wonderful I am sure.
In other news, this week was full of adventures and miracles.  I will start from the beginning!
This day was VERY funny.  We decided to go to an acclaimed zip lining course.  It turned out to be a kids park, that was awkward.  We still climbed a mountain and went bobsledding anyway.  We went down twice and it was a ball, but then the strangest thing happened, hail the size of marbles started falling from the sky!  Elder Bennet and I, along with the other Elders fled into the nearest form of shelter, a port-a-potty.  It was great spending P-day in a port-a-potty with 3 other guys.  You have to love the mission.
Week days
These were some of my busiest and most hectic days of my mission!  We were working super hard for our investigators.  We have a lot that are struggling in different areas and we were doing all we could to help them in all ways possible.  It was hard and challenging, yet some of my favorite moments were held within these few short days.
As the weekend hit, we realized that we needed to do something more to help our investigators.  So, we fasted.  That day we had 3 great investigators at church.  I also had the opportunity to meet one of my future neighbors!  My sister moved to Newburg just before Sándor bácsi came to Hungary to visit his home.  Sándor is my sister's neighbor!  We talked about Oregon a bit and it was just a little miracle for me.  I will use Hungarian after my mission! 
MONDAY (the day of them all)
I just wanted to share a miracle that happened, once again, at the last moment.  Yesterday, we were feeling down due to some struggling investigators.  We fasted, but it turned out that the best thing for them was to let them go.  We decided to keep going and trust in our prayers and fast.  By a random chain of events, we found ourselves in an unfamiliar area tracting some new buildings.  As it began, we didn't seem to see any success.  We kept going and with a prayer in our hearts, the door was opened to a part member family who had, just earlier that month, been praying to find the church again.  The mother looked at us with gratitude and love as her prayers were answered.
It has been a great transfer, I am just sad it is already gone.  We have met and helped so many people, but there is just more to be had. 
Have a great week everyone and I PROMISE pictures next week.  We haven't been able to send pictures due to our emailing cafe, but I will find a way in my new Szegedi cafe next week!
Smile : D
Elder Jake Nelson

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