Monday, June 3, 2013

Hungary Week 44

This week was yet another great week.  We were able to take the time to really help a number of people.  We were also able to find some great new investigators.  In fact, all of the missionaries here were able to see great miracles, I am just so happy!
So there are two stories I want to share this week and the first is about an amazing artist that we are currently meeting with.  He is an AMAZING painter and is able to make breathtaking pieces that make your jaw drop.  He has it all, a wonderful family, art, money and everything a person here on earth can even dream of, but he still felt like something was missing.
It was such a blessing for us to be there and share with him this message that will never fade or go away.  We shared "The Book of Mormon" with him, along with the miraculous story of the origins thereof.  His countenance started to change and it was a blessing to see the hope in his eyes grow by the second.  He is probably one of the coolest investigators I have had the opportunity to meet.
My second story is that of a wonderful woman we are meeting with.  She is a wonderful woman we met in our English class here in Pécs.  She quickly took to the wonderful members here and recognized an uncanny happiness amongst them.  Things seemed to be going wonderful and she quickly accepted our challenge to try the Lord and receive her answers before her baptismal date of July 20th.  

She has been fighting to receive an answer, but felt as though her efforts were being wasted.  We recognized this and challenged her to act by:
1. Reading that night 
2. Praying with a specific question before church
3. Searching for her answer in church
This woman took our challenge and fought for her answer.  Although she still doesn't feel sure, that day after church she accepted our challenge to pray out loud for the first time in her life.  She was and is working with faith and that is a privilege for me to witness such a thing.
It was a miracle, for me, to see myself and especially Elder Bennett truly focus on our investigators this week.  We truly have seen great things this week and we helped many people.
Our district did great this week and we are going to have a super delicious dinner of "rakott krumpli" tonight, by my cooking.  It will be great and I can't wait for another great week of miracles!
Elder Bennett is doing great and speaking like a champ (as always).  
Mosolyogj ezen a héten! (Smile this week)
Elder Jake Nelson

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