Monday, August 19, 2013

Hungary Week 55

Hey everyone!

Things are pushing forward here in Szeged and in this wonderful part of the country.  Szeged especially, is expecting MANY baptisms next transfer and we are nothing but happy!  I don't know how I have gotten so blessed, but the work is the kind I dreamt of. 

This Sunday was a day of miracles.  We have been searching so hard for new investigators to inspire our zone and it came at the last minute once again.  We had 8 of our progressing investigators at church plus we had another 4 we pulled off the streets DURING the meetings.  There was a group of 3 teenagers standing outside of the building during sacrament meeting and Miller Elder headed out there with a priesthood holder and pulled them in.  If that wasn't enough, I noticed a man staring at the sign during Elder's quorum.  Miller Elder and I headed out to invite him in.  He felt like the Lord turned him to the sign.  We met with him after church and he is excited to meet again.  Yes, I am happy!

I am just so excited for the branch here!  People seemed so excited about the work and I get to be in the middle of it.  My only concern is my waist line!  The work is exploding and with all good work comes feeding appointments!  I dropped about 10 pounds since being here, but I don't think it is going to stay off if things keep going this way!

We had a great zone training this last week!  We did our best to make it fun and motivating for the missionaries.  We talked about the purpose of missionaries and the role of "love" in the work.  We also received permission to play the beginning of the song "What is Love?" to ask our starting question. We talked about the importance of love in our lives and in the work and finished with our 4 steps to "Be MORE."

Life is just great on this end and I am happy to be here.  I would love to say more, but we have places to go and people to meet with!  It is a great problem to have, so I can't even complain!

Smile this week!

Elder Jake Nelson

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