Monday, August 26, 2013

Hungary Week 56

Hey everyone!
This week was off the charts awesome.  I love life!
Monday: Crazy day!

On this day we met with a ridiculous amount of people because our P-Day was switched to Tuesday for a big Hungarian holiday.  It was so much fun!  We met with a new family, were fed by a wonderful néni, had language study with a member, helped set a baptismal date with an awesome girl, had a family night with the senior couple and young single adults, and then finished the day with another great program with a family getting baptized next transfer.  
The funny part of the day was when Elder Miller and I got pretty sick from our lunch appointment, but to my luck it passed a little faster than his.  After sweating through family night we had to go on splits with the other Elders so he could head home.  It was a pretty entertaining little experience.  Super great time though.
Tuesday: Magyarország függetlenség napja! (Hungary's Independence Day)

Today was so much fun!  I have started getting into soccer since coming to Szeged, so to start the day we played soccer for 3 hours with all of the amazing European soccer kids at a local field.  It was just hilarious because both Elder Miller and I are HUGE Americans compared to them (6-6'1 ft. 190 pounds) and the only way we would score would be from just charging down the field like gorillas.  It was so great.
After that, we went to one of the most beautiful cathedrals I have ever been in!  It has the 3rd largest organ in Europe, I think.  We went with the senior couple here in Szeged, the Hulberts.  It was so much fun to climb the tower and see the view of Szeged.  It was like a dream being up there!  

We then had a mission meeting and a bonfire with the young single adults and our investigators.  I was able to talk to one of the Sister's investigators who I have become good friends with at the bonfire and he asked if I would baptize him when he is baptized in a few months.  It was such a sweet experience.  
Good day.
Wednesday:  Glad I learned that word

Today we had some hard programs to start, one in particular.  We had to drop an amazing investigator who just wouldn’t fully commit.  It is the man I mentioned before who was homeless when we found him.  He just decided he didn't want to change or "live the Mormon life."  It was a hard morning.
After that, we had some problems with our car, so we brought it into the shop!  I was a little nervous because I have no idea what the car words are in Hungarian.  The mechanic looked at the engine and told us that the "hűtő tartó" was broken.  By a miracle I knew what he was saying because hűtő means fridge AND radiator in Hungarian.  It was super funny because I had the mechanic teach me other car words as well.  The car had to stay overnight, but we were lucky it was only that long because we have to use our car so much!
Other than that, it was a great day of let-ins while tracting.  The college students are coming back to town and I just love tracting student areas.  It was a super fun and we were able to talk to a lot of people, especially after Elder Miller locked us into an apartment complex by closing the gate behind him.
Thursday:  Chalking

Nothing too interesting happened today except for English class was really funny.  To teach possession in English, I gave everyone a piece of side walk chalk and had them draw on the streets by the branch house.  After that, they had to describe "their" drawing.  It was a really good time.  Then, to finish, English class we sang a hymn to show them the hymn books from our church.  

We then taught a great 11 year old kid.  It was great.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  Crazy weekend

This weekend was that of an eventful nature!  We had stacked programs with amazing people and had many people at church once again.  We were also able to help another family set a baptismal date on Sunday as well.  It was a weekend to remember!

I am just so happy right now.  Things are just going and the work is growing and growing.  I am so happy to be here.  We will see what happens with transfers next week, but it is just nice to know that I am in the right place at the right time.  It is nice to just be living life, doing missionary work and having a blast.  
Not every day is "amazing," but we are just seeing the miracles of doing what we are supposed to be doing and being in the right place at the right time.  Let’s see what next week has for us!
Sok szeretettel,
Elder Jake Nelson
P.S. I am only going to be able to email on Tuesday next week. 

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