Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hungary Week 57


Today was transfer day.  Not only is this transfer day, but the transfer day we shift into the new long transfers!  This transfer is going to be 10 weeks and I found out that Elder Miller and I are staying as zone leaders here!  I am super excited because EVERYTHING has progressed really rapidly.  We found my first transfer here, taught last transfer and this transfer is the time to see the miracles!  The church is really growing this transfer and we are expecting many baptisms.  I can't begin to explain how excited I am!
Monday was pretty uneventful, but it was a good break for the week we went through last week.  I have never taught so much in my entire mission!  Things just fell into place and took off.

The week really started on Tuesday with splits in Kecskemét.  The work seemed to be going a little rough, so we hurried over to help out.  As myself and the senior companion of the area sat down to plan our day, we realized they tracted almost all of the city, except for their own building.  It just so happened that the Kecskemét mission leader lived in that very same building.  We were invited right in after ringing their bell, filled up with half a watermelon and sent off to search for 4 referrals!  That single day helped turn around the work for the Elders there.  It was so great.

We had some amazing Mexican food at a new Mexican restaurant in the area.  It was SOOO good because you can't really get Mexican food here much.  It just so happens that a return missionary moved back to Hungary and opened this restaurant a couple months ago.  It was like a little piece of home!

I then had another great split with one of the assistants.  With every program that fell through, we found someone new and taught them!  We even gave one of the youth here a great experience tracting in the rain.  We, after tracting for 15 minutes in the pouring rain, knocked on the door of an older couple and simply said, "Sorry for interrupting, we are really wet.  Can we come in?"  This adorable couple had a nice program with us and invited us back for the next day.  Miracles do happen, even when it's raining!
Things kept on rolling and we were able to help set another baptismal date on Thursday.  We have been working with a really cool kid.  He is an 11 year old kid in a part member family, meaning his mom and sister are members.  He has never been super religious, so we were excited when he said he would like to be baptized.  Really cool kid.
Friday and Saturday turned into programs galore!  We had our Village day, when we head out to a village where there is a lot of members and investigators, and we were able to meet with some of our solid investigators on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun.  We met with some really awesome people.
Sunday was pretty special as well.  We were able to fill up the church with members and investigators!  We are also teaching a lot of families and there is one girl in particular who particularly loves to mess with me, 7 year old little girl.  She was running across the isles the whole hour poking me and going through my pictures on my camera.  It makes me miss the nieces and nephews, but it was very fun.
Well, I was bad this week and have no pictures to send, but hopefully I will have many to send soon.  Things are going well here in the city of Szeged and we are excited for a new transfer.  Elder Miller and I will have to do it again, this just means we have only spent a third of the time we will together.  I’m sure we will be the best of friends by the end ; )
Til' next week!


Elder Jake Nelson

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