Monday, September 30, 2013

Hungary Week 61

Hey everyone!

This week was one full of memories.  From "Preparation-day" to church with investigators staying all 3 hours, I feel like the most blessed man!

After coming into contact with an old baptismal candidate, we went on splits from Monday night to Tuesday with the assistants.  I was just struck with "aw" as we drove along the Duna and past the parliament at that night as we arrived in Budapest.  I hadn't seen that beautiful city at night since the day I stepped into the country over a year ago.  Time really does fly.  I just can't even begin to describe how much I love that city and this country!

Elder Headrick and I set out to find some new investigators in Budapest and we found them!  The tracting started a little slow as we didn't even get let into the first building, but as we continued, we found some AMAZING people.  I learned so much from that wonderful Elder and we had so much fun.  He is just such a happy guy, his attitude is contagious! 

After that on Wednesday, Elder Miller and I were so surprised to have one of our investigators tell US his baptismal date!  We were so ecstatic with joy!  He and his girlfriend are getting married soon so they can be baptized before the end of the year.  We are so excited for them!  On that same day, our investigators surprised us with three referrals, all family members and close friends.  The surprise EVERY missionary loves.

On Thursday one of our investigators passed her baptismal interview!  I also had a wonderful split with Elder Hansen here in Szeged.  We had a great time together, great finding and saw some miracles.  I really felt how sincere he was in all he said and it really made an impact on the people.  It was a really awesome thing to see.

Saturday, a previous investigator family called us to come back and teach them.  

Sunday, we had our investigators stay all three hours!  We also were able to see some of the members who haven't been coming to church in a while come back due to our invitations!

The week before, we were also able to see some HUGE miracles as well.  Right now we have 11 people who have baptismal dates and are pushing to make it to their goals!  We are going to have the first couple on October 12.  We are so excited.  Miracles are happening here in Szeged!

As for the food, it is fantastic!  The members LOVE us as well as our investigators, so I am just having a hard time finding space for all the great food.  Recently we have had quit a few surprise feedings, so the people of Szeged are keeping us on our toes.  The other week we got something like 10 feeding programs in a day.  Good thing I love Hungarian food!

I will have to send pictures next week, but until then, I hope everyone has a great week!

Sok szeretettel,

Elder Jake Nelson

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