Monday, October 7, 2013

Hungary Week 62

Sok szeretettek köszöntelek benneteket!

How is everyone doing!  I am SOOOO happy.  I love it here in the wonderful city of Szeged.  I just realized how long I have been here!  I have almost been here for 4 months!  I am going to hit my streak of Veszprém soon, 6 months.  I am endlessly happy to be here though. 

We are having some baptisms this weekend!  The two women have already had their interview and are ready.  It is adorable though because they both are over the age of 65.  Elder Miller is baptizing one and I am the other.  It is going to be so special!  We are holding the baptisms at a Turkish bath and the entire program will take place in front of the water.  Almost all of our 10 investigators on baptismal date will be there.  We are so excited!

We also had some special experiences with conference.  First of all, it was just amazing.  There were so many great talks and the spirit was so strong!  Between all of us missionaries, we were able to help 20 investigators come and watch conference.  It was just so cool seeing them on the edge of their seats.  We even had some investigators watch all sessions available!  We had some funny experiences with the translation, but it all worked out in the end.

That first session was the best!  After helping all of our investigators get all situated, the conference began with no problem.  About 5 minutes in, the translation started coming in and out.  After about 20 minutes, the translation just stopped.  We had no idea what to do, and then a member turns to me and says, "TRANSLATE!"  I then started translating over English conference to help the members and investigators hear conference.  After about 5 or 10 minutes, the conference came back in with the translation included.  Then, a half hour later, it cut off in the middle of President Bednar's talk.  I then began trying to translate as his talk kept coming in and out.  It was definitely an adventure, but we heard conference.

The next night at 6 pm, we gathered together to watch what is the last session that is streamed live here in Hungary, the Sunday Morning session.  One of our investigators getting baptized this weekend came to hear the prophet for her first time.  He was the last speaker and just before he ended his 20 minute talk, the Internet froze.  We sat and waited for about a minute when she turns to me and says, "We just need to be patient.  If I had to give a long talk like him I would need a water break too."  I lost it!  It was so funny!  

Over all, I just loved conference.  It was so special to hear the words of the prophet and apostles.  I can still remember back to my first conference here in Hungary.  That was when President Monson announced the dropped age requirements for missionaries.  It is amazing to see what has happened since then!  I try to think back to all the miracles I have seen since then and they are uncountable.  It is just amazing to know that I am involved in the most important cause of our day, missionary work.  It is just unbelievable how many prayers church members, investigators and our church leaders say for ME as a missionary.  If that wouldn't make me feel special, I don't know what would!
We met some AMAZING new investigators this week.  One was an old investigator from 2-3 years ago who was praying for us to call right when we decided to call up old investigators.  Amazing 21 year old girl!  We also taught the "Plan of Happiness" to a new family we are meeting with.  The spirit was so strong in that house!  After teaching the plan and explaining more in detail why we are here, the mom looked up in tears at the end and simply said, "It's amazing."  
I am so grateful to be here.  Miracles happen before my eyes everyday and all I have to do is smile and tell the people why I am so happy.  The mission really is something else.  I wouldn't trade this time for the world.

Smile this week everyone, I know I will!

Elder Jake Nelson

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