Monday, October 14, 2013

Hungary Week 63

This week was full of ups and downs!  Our zone training was a hit and it is amazing to see so many baptisms already!  We actually encouraged our zone to get up and challenge their investigators to baptism.  We have a goal to get a new baptismal date per companionship before the end of the transfer and the miracles are already coming.

To encourage this big step for the zone, we are all praying for a "golden investigator."  So many of us have seen success!  Békéscsaba and Kecskemét have both called telling us about their "golden investigators" coming to them!  Elder Miller and I have already found MULTIPLE "golden investigators" this past week alone. In other words, we are praying for those prepared people.

We are also focusing on getting 3 more progressing investigators per companionship at the end of the transfer as well.  We are so excited to hear the miracles and see the joy and success of our missionaries! 

With the help of the Sister Training Leaders from Debrecen and ALL of our missionaries, we were able to pull together a memorable training on prayer.

First, the Sister Training Leaders gave a wonderful training on how we can receive revelation as missionaries.  They did such a great job.  After that, Elder Miller and I went into the importance of how we can help our investigators receive revelation.  We discussed the importance of our roles as missionaries, stepped into our investigators shoes and shared our personal conversion stories with one another.

To apply it to our role as missionaries in the conversion of our investigators, we encouraged our missionaries to SMITE: Stewardship, Magnify, Invite, Teach and Expect.  The missionaries seemed excited and by the end, wanted to push their faith and prayers to help apply SMITE in their missionary work. 

We were able to have a great role play with Hungarian investigators and members as well.  They taught prayer and the importance thereof to the "investigators."  This role play, along with a departing missionary's testimony, Elder Bowen's, inspired one of our investigators to search even more for the truthfulness of these things.  It was a really special experience.

The crazy thing is, I was referring to the Elder Bowen I served with at the beginning of my mission.  He is one of my best buddies here and is already going home.  Time really does fly as a missionary. 

On the same day of our zone training, I was able to go on splits with Elder Bowen.  We were so excited for this opportunity to work together one last time before he finishes his mission.  We gave someone a blessing to quit smoking, set a new baptismal date and just saw miracle on top of miracle.  It was a great last hurrah for the two of us.
After that, we had baptisms!  They were AMAZING.  We had 10 investigators for the city of Szeged there as well.  It really was amazing to see the excitement of everyone.  More are coming as well!  
We were so scared though, one of them didn't show up to her confirmation on Sunday though!  This wonderful 69 year old woman went to the hospital on Saturday night for heart problems.  We were able to visit her today and give her a blessing.  She is getting confirmed this weekend, but the Lord really had us find her at exactly the time we needed to.  
So many miracles, I can't help but smile!
Have a wonderful week everyone!  Smile!
Elder Jake Nelson

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