Monday, January 20, 2014

Hungary Week 77


Emailing is sometimes very long, but it is pretty great!  This week was a great one!  We were able to see miracles on top of miracles!  
It all started on Tuesday after emailing, we got a little caught up in programs even though it was P-Day.  We had just stacked programs from 4 on.  The highlight of the night was meeting again with an amazing man.  Two weeks ago, due to the beginning of the year being a little more slow, we didn't have as many people at English Class.  I met one of the coolest guys ever, Z.  He is a family man who heard about our English Class a while ago and wanted to try it out.  
After starting the English Class, he opened up a bit and we just started talking because he was the only one who showed up for the advanced class.  We just talked about our families and we shared our backgrounds.  It was such a great opportunity to get to know him.
After a while, the topic shifted over to missionary work, naturally.  He wanted to know why I was here and what I wanted out of my experience.  He was touched and we finished the class with Moroni's promise for the spiritual message.  Well, this last Tuesday he came back!  I asked him at the end if we could visit his family and he accepted!
He has such an adorable family.  He has a little boy who was dressed up as Spiderman and I was able to show a picture of my nephew dressed up as Spiderman I so happened to have with me.  The little boy looked at it and was like, "Look mom!  He's like me!"  
After to getting to know one another, we were able to gather the two boys, Z and his wife together and sing "When there's love at home."  The spirit filled the room and the 2 boys listened intently.  It was a moment I won't forget.  At the end, we shared our testimonies of our Heavenly Father and planned with them to come back later.  It is moments like this that answer my questions of why I am where I am.  MIRACLES
After that, we were able to really help 2 families that are on baptismal date through the members!  We have been able to work with these amazing people for a while, but they have had a hard time finding confidence in their knowledge, because their baptisms are coming up soon.  We brought some members to simply share their conversion stories for a spiritual message and it seemed as though the people opened up and created some bonds with these church members they have hardly talked to.  It was fantastic.  
Miracles are happening here and I am just so happy.  Life and time is flying by too fast, but I am enjoying every moment of my mission.  I am where I need to be, and that is a great comfort.  The gospel is true and there are only more great things to be had next week.  
Smile this week everyone and make some memories!
Sok szeretettel,

Elder Jake Nelson

Elder Jones is getting in shape for the trip home!  He is in his last transfer so I whipping him into shape! 

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