Monday, September 10, 2012

Hungary Week 6

Hey everyone!

The work here is picking up so fast!  We had so many programs last week that it was hard to find time to do finding.  We started meeting with a lot of the members this week and it made all the difference.  They all invited us in with open arms and it was awesome to be able to see the light they have.  The members are truly the best missionaries as well.  I mean who would you listen to first, your friend or a goofy American who already seems like an alien.  Either way, the moral of the story is that members are awesome.  Knight elder and I just wanted to make the most of what we believed to be our last week.  It turns out that we were right.  

We got an unexpected call from our mission president on Friday asking Knight elder to come to Budapest to be one of two secretaries for the mission.  So instead of being with Knight elder until Wednesday this week, I had to say goodbye to him yesterday.  My new companion is named Bowen elder.  I don't really know much about him considering I haven't met him yet, but what I do know is that he served with Knight elder a while back.  I will meet him on Wednesday in Budapest and bring him back to the greatest place in the world, Veszprém. 

For the next couple days I am in a threesome with the other two elders in the area, Bebel elder and Matthews elder.  It is so much fun to be able to be with them though, they are just two of the funniest and most relaxed people I have ever met.  They are basically the same person, so it is kind of funny that they are companions.  The only thing I wonder is how intimidating it is for people to have three big Americans wearing dark slacks and white shirts walking towards them.  

I got to go to my first handball game this week!  Apparently Veszprém are the European champions of handball.  It was so cool!  It was most definitely different though.  To me, it seemed like water polo without the water.  It was also super different from the big sport events in America too.  The stadium didn't even let us in until 45 minutes before the game started.  The stadium only held 5,000 and it wasn't even full.  It was weird and different, but it was so cool.  

It has been a great week and our investigators are just flourishing.  I am just so content with life right now.  The only thing the Lord asks for is for our best.  That is all I hope to give.  

Nelson elder

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