Monday, December 10, 2012

Hungary week 19

Hello everyone!  This week was a week of changes and surprises, just giving more strength to my testimony that this is the Lord's work.  

I am now in a new apartment and with a new companion here in the wonderful city of Veszprém.  It has been such a fantastic couple days to get to know Elder Forsythe.  This Utahn missionary is probably the goofiest, funniest, yet most powerful person I have met.  We have been together for five days and by the third day, we were laughing so hard that our abs started hurting.  We laugh and have so much fun, but it is such a blessing to be with a missionary who cares as much as me about this people.  He has a true gift for missionary work and for noticing those who constantly seem to go unnoticed.  We are now in the belváros (Downtown).  We are in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities I have laid eyes on.  We step out of our door and there they are an abundance of people just waiting for what we have to give them.  It is such a blessing to see these people light up as the holidays come closer and closer.  I really feel like Forsythe elder and I are going to be able to do so much this transfer.  

It has been crazy.  We discovered records for old investigators last week from 10 years ago.  So Forsythe elder and I just got to work.  It turns out that every number that worked, which in all honesty was only 5, was excited to hear from the missionaries and told us to come over as soon as we could.  It was just such a miracle to "accidentally" discover those records.  The Lord's hand really is in this work.

I think my favorite experience this week was last night.  We were planning for the next six weeks, so basically what we want to do while we are together.  We thought and prayed fervently and then it hit us.  We are starting an outreach program with the local youth to reach out to those who have fallen away from the church.  We are making personalized invitations for the upcoming New Year's party.  We are then going to meet 1-2 times weekly with all the youth to split up into teams and to get these invitations PERSONALLY DELIVERED to as many inactive members as we can.  That is more than one hundred invitations, but there is no better season than Christmas season to expect miracles.  We had this idea at 4:50 at night.  We then realized that we needed to get this word out as soon as possible to get it started this week, so we ran to the branch house to catch the church leaders before the ending of the Christmas devotional at 5.  We made it across town and barley on time to catch ALL the leaders of the branch.

The program was approved and communication with the membership began immediately.  We were just floating on air all the way home.  Then, the first person we talked to, István (Who was excited to tell us his name meant Steve in English), just was ecstatic to receive a Book of Mormon. 

Merry Christmas everyone.  This week wasn't easy at all, but just remember to cherish the blessings you receive.  This Christmas only comes once.  Make it one to remember!

Sok szeretettel,

Elder Jake M. Nelson

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