Monday, December 3, 2012

Hungary Week 18

Hey everyone!

Life is wonderful isn't it?  I have had some pretty rough trials here on my mission, but I just can't help but smile.  The Lord loves this people so much and I know He is making miracles among them. 

There are going to be some great changes this next week!  It is transfers for us and Bowen elder and I have discovered that we are staying here in Veszprém!  The twist is that our companionship is splitting.  Bowen elder is staying in the same apartment and received a new companion and myself, along with Forsyth elder, are going to move into another apartment in the belváros (downtown).  It is going to be a transfer of changes and fun, but I am grateful Bowen elder and I can keep our momentum going and actually make it spread to new horizons.  

Christmas time is coming!  There are already Christmas lights hanging on the plaza, houses and everywhere.  There are trees and happiness.  My favorite part about this time is that when I try to speak to someone on the street and get rejected, I can still yell "Boldog Karácsonyt!" (Happy Christmas)  It brings a smile to them all.  I also just love talking to people about the importance of Jesus Christ in our lives, so Christmas is basically fantastic.  

They have some traditions here that I haven't experienced yet though.  Apparently they serve this dish that is similar to salty, pig fat jello.  I can't wait to try it, sounds tasty right?

As for the best part of being here, the missionary work, it is going great.  We are giving it our all and being as bold as we can be.  The Lord is truly changing lives for the better and I am just grateful to witness it.  In our companionship, we are giving out so many Book of Mormons and although it feels like we are only planting seeds sometimes, we know the Lord is just refining us to become His servants.

Merry Christmas everybody! 

Nelson elder

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