Monday, January 28, 2013

Hungary Week 26

Hello everyone,

Just another day in the life of a missionary. Today I am in Budapest so my companion can have his first interview with the mission president. I am sure it will be great day.

I am just loving Szombathely! It is such a pretty city. The people are so nice along with the branch. I am afraid I am going to get too chubby though! The church members here are so nice and they invite us over for feeding appointments so much. The thing about Hungarian eating appointments is that you eat A LOT. They cook in large portions and they often just dish the missionaries up and then watch us eat. Not like it is a bad thing, but I don't think it is the best for my waist line. It also doesn't help having daily contact with our investigator that works at the local bakery.

The investigators are so wonderful as well. We are working with a lot of prepared people. I just hope that I can do my part in helping them progress.

A great example is a family that the missionaries have been working with for a long time. The father has truly had his heart softened by the spirit. He has gone through so much and the trials just keep on coming. We were going to be able to baptize the two parents in the beginning of February after their marriage, but then the Father developed an infection in his foot prohibiting him from walking. The wedding has been postponed due to his surgery this week. We will now have to wait a few months to baptize him for the wound to heal. His debilitating infection has prevented him from attending church for the past two weeks, but he still makes sure that his wife and daughter always have a way to church. He is even being a missionary in his current state. He shared our message with his cousin and we are going to begin teaching his cousin along with his cousin's wife this week.

Work is going and we are picking it up faster and faster as the days go on. I have nothing but faith that with time, we will be able to help the Lord help Szombathely become a thriving home of missionary work. Life isn't easy, but I know with all the fiber of my being that it will be worth it. I couldn't be more grateful to be here and to be giving the greatest service I can give to my brothers and sisters.

Gould elder is still fantastic and we are already smiling!

Make this week wonderful!

Sok szeretettel,
Elder Jake Nelson

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