Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hungary Week 29

Hello from Szombathely,

Transfers are already here.  It was a great week to end on.  We saw so many miracles and I can't wait to see some more.

The news: I am staying here in Szombathely!  I am so excited.  Elder Gould and I have been able to help so many people, but he is sadly leaving.  He is going to Eger with another missionary that came with us into the country, Elder Bebel.  Due to the increase of missionaries, I am getting a younger missionary this transfer, Elder Cutler.  I am so excited, I am sure that we are going to make some miracles happen.

This was such a special week, we helped one of our new investigators come to church and begin preparing for a baptismal date!  This néni (older lady) had the most adorable response when we asked her to prepare to be baptized on the 6th of April, she said, "Well you two are REALLY giving me enough time to prepare huh?"  I guess we will see if it ends up moving up, but we are so excited.

Church was so great as well.  We have our own building here in Szombathely.  It is so beautiful, I will have to share pictures next week.  It is a branch, but we have about 60 or so people attending weekly and it is only going up.  It is all three hours, church, Sunday school and priesthood/relief society.  This was a special Sunday this last week because our mission president and his wife spoke.  

We had three investigators come as well, the wonderful néni and our investigator who had surgery included.  He struggled, but he made it to church.  It was such a special Sunday.  I am going to miss Gould elder, but I am just so excited for the next miracle I will be able to see here in this wonderful city. 

Sorry it is a short entry today, but so much to do and so little time.  Next week I will make sure to start including pictures and give some more details.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Sok szeretettel,

Elder Jake Nelson

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