Monday, July 1, 2013

Hungary Week 48

Hey everyone!

What a great week huh?!  Things were great here in Szeged, but they did have their bumps thrown in!  In regards of missionary work, I probably had my best week of work this last week!  Things just went and my week was sealed with 15 investigators at church!

I am coming to really love Szeged because of the wonderful families we are meeting with.  Monday has turned into "Family Home Evening" for our companionship.  We are meeting with a number of young families and we have set apart Mondays for them.  It is also nice to sit down and play with some adorable kids for a bit as well!  It is like a little piece of home! 
Outside of that, we were soaked in a gigantic storm, so we went and played in a flooded park!  Not that we were swimming, but we were walking around in foot deep water next to a big jungle gym. It was super fun.

Today was an eventful day!  We met with that homeless man from last week!  He is such a great guy.  He just had a hard run in life, but we were able to give him a life as we shared our message with him and gave him a baptismal date to work for.  We then helped clean him up a bit by giving him some old missionary clothes from our apartment and shaving his beard.  It is all step by step with him, but it was super nice to see his smile from the help he received.
We then had some success tracting, taught a small institute class for the branch and helped throw a surprise birthday party for a 16 year old church member.  It was a great time and it was nice to see the work progressing one step at a time.

This was the most shocking day of them all.  We had a few programs, but all seemed to fall through.  As we looked at our empty day, we decide to go knock some doors.  To our surprise, 7 wonderful people let us in and allowed us to teach them there on the spot.  The Lord was REALLY helping us that day.  We were fortunate enough to also run into a good friend of mine, Elder Snyder.  He is about to head home, but he was my first district leader when I came in the country.  He was visiting Szeged before heading home with his family.  It was great to see him and a great finish to our day.

I went on splits with Elder Greaves, one of the Assistants to the President.  It was super great to get a new perspective of missionary work.  We had some rough parts of the day, like having to drop a wonderful investigator, but we saw some miracles tracting and had a good time.  It was also very fun to teach the English class and all the goofy elderly folks in there.  

We head to a nearby falú every Friday to visit some inactive members and two of our favorite families ever!  It was great!  We also had some great Mexican food after district meeting at place called "Gringos."  The only thing that threw me off was the pita they gave with my fajita meat.  Strange things I tell you!  Other than that, it was a wonderful day.

This was a pretty standard Saturday.  We had some programs, worked hard, tried to find time to squeeze in studies with our busy day and smiled a bunch!  We also took part in a "Branch Choir" practice, which was super weird after not singing in a Choir for a while.  The highlight was probably having my scariest Hungarian food ever!  It is called "kocsonya," or in other words, pig jello.  You know how jello is sweet in America, well kocsonya is the salty version of that.  It is normally a winter dish, but they made it special for us!  The reason it is mainly made in the winter is because kocsonya is the outcome of a pig slaughter.  It is basically random pig chunks mixed into the pig's marrow, fat or whatnot.  It was super.......interesting?

This day was one to remember!  We had 15 people at church!  This is including four families.  It was so amazing and my favorite part was sitting next to an adorable six year old.  The parents were having a hard time listening so I invited her over next to me.  It was so great to be amongst families all together and just be with a little kid constantly grabbing for my hand.  I love kids!  We then finished to day with another "Family Home Evening."

This week was great and I am super happy.  There were some hard times, as there always are, but it is nice to see the joy in all things.  This week was great, but I am sure that this next week only holds greater moments.  

Smile this week everyone!

Elder Jake Nelson

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