Monday, July 8, 2013

Hungary Week 49

Things are going in Hungaria land!  I am enjoying my time here in Szeged, it is really a place to remember.  These members are amazing and I am just smiling with each step we take forward.
We had some great programs with some amazing families.  It is so nice to sit down with a family having all attention turned to your message.  It truly is a treat and such a special experience.  We also were able to play some basketball, write some friends and unwind a bit.  It was so wonderful to spend some time with our great sisters here in Szeged.
We also got a super standard lunch for having a super standard city last week!  It was a good time.
The tracting miracles came once again.  To our surprise and fortune, we were able to meet with 4 new people on this day including some people just waiting for our message.  It is also amazing to meet with some youth, which we did.
We also had district meeting on this day which was a lot of help for all of us.  It cleared up a lot of questions that I had in regards to helping investigators really make the changes they want.  We have a senior couple here in Szeged and they always have such a loving input on the work.  Our district is great.
I had my first "leadership council meeting" in Budapest as a zone leader.  It was so great to see all of my friends I have made throughout the mission in one place and to be able to see that they were so strong.  It is just nice to know that I can really help the other missionaries in the position I am now!
After that, we were able to have another family night with another great family we are teaching.  It was a great day and one to remember.
Thursday (4th of July!)
It was a great day to celebrate America!  I was in America this time last year, which is a weird thought!  After a certain amount of time, you kind of forget what is normal or what everyday life is like because living here and being a missionary becomes YOU.  
Anyways, we celebrated the freedom of America by eating Indian food with the other missionaries and talked about why we were grateful for America.  We were going to get hamburgers, but Hungarian hamburgers are NOTHING like American.  It was a good celebration of America!
Other than that, we worked hard!  We had some programs fall through, but so is life.  It was a great day.
Today I was in the small town of Békéscsaba on splits with Elder Peterson, a solid Elder from my MTC group.  It was so much fun as we were doing all we could to kick up the struggling work in this small town.  We were able to see some miracles as we tracted and met with investigators.
The highlights were putting a wonderful woman on a baptismal date, having a great dinner with the other missionaries there and finishing the day by really helping a confused investigator.  Elder Peterson is such a great missionary and we just had a blast.
This day was a little rough.  We usually travel to a nearby village once a week to meet with some members and great investigators, but things weren't going our way this day!  Things kept falling through after getting out there, but at the same time we had some great experiences.  
We had some great teaching experiences with a member family and another member.  Things just went and we were smiling despite some rough turn of events. 
We then finished the day with some weekly planning and pizza, always the best of combinations.
I always love "Fast Sundays."  I had some cool experiences this week in regards to fasting!  I was fasting for some new investigators and of course, the Lord blessed us with the first door we knocked.  We were able to meet with a considerable amount of people and I was just smiling with the answers to my prayers.
There were investigators at church and the work isn't only going forward in Szeged, but in our zone as well.  
Things are crazy!!!!!!!!!
Today we had some adventures for Elder Bracken's birthday, but I will update you all next week on the adventures we had. Oh the suspense!
I am happy and things are going, I love you all!
Elder Jake Nelson

This is a cute man from the ward in Newberg who happens to be Hungarian, and who visited the area and while there met Jake!

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