Monday, July 22, 2013

Hungary Week 51

Hey everyone!

I hope you like my picture bombing!  I wasn't able to send any for the past couple weeks because things are so crazy here!  We are working super hard and things are just going through!  Day after day, things are just full with programs.  This is most definitely a special time of my mission, things are going fantastically and the ball is only going to start rolling faster!  We are having fun, doing what we need to do and seeing miracles.  

We will start with two weeks ago today, it was Elder Bracken's birthday!  He is now an old man and we celebrated!  We played basketball with the sisters in the morning along with a great breakfast.  Then, it was only more fun from there!  We were able to go to a museum in Szeged and look at some of the AMAZING art pieces.  We also found some interesting things, but it was most definitely fun.  We had an amazing lunch with the senior couple here as well, the Hulberts.  We had some Hungarian fish soup on the Tisza river.  It was just fun to be goofy for a bit and celebrate the kid's birthday!  

Then the week just rolled on!  Things went and we were able to invite the members in so much more than we have been able to before.  It was like everything seemed to fall right into place.  People were progressing and it just seemed like we saw miracles on top of miracles.  Whether it was from a little obedience thing, to just working ourselves to death, the Lord seemed to bless us!

After that, we had our zone training when we were able to meet with our amazing zone and give them some help.  It was so much fun and our missionaries in this area are just so great.  It went great and we introduced our amazing goal for our zone....RAMBO WEEK.

The goal was to push ourselves that much further, meaning to set our own companion goals to ridiculous lengths and go for it!  We got some special permission to give the missionaries some new opportunities to find through "area book time" as well.  It was awesome to see them pushing themselves and things just shot up in our zone!  People were working hard, having fun and seeing miracles, the best part of the mission!

This week was the craziest of my mission!  We also went Rambo and worked ourselves to death, but I can honestly say that I have never taught more in one week!  We were also able to go to the city of Szolnok for a multi-branch activity.  It was like a mini road trip, we even stopped and walked through a sun flower field!  It was awesome to see all those members and investigators together.  It was an experience to remember.

Miracles are happening and I am smiling.  It wasn't easy all the time, I had my hard times in these past two weeks, but that is part of the ride.  Just keep living and loving!

Sok szeretettel,

Elder Jake Nelson

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