Monday, March 18, 2013

10 Month Mark

Hey everyone!  

Things are going so well!  I couldn't have though of a better week.  I hit my 10 month mark and the time couldn't have gone faster.  It was a great week to celebrate though, I saw my first baptisms, had some great lessons, celebrated the attempted revolution of Hungary in Sopron with the other elders with service and a nerf war, we had 6 investigators at church and things are just going!

It was my 10 month mark this last Saturday and it was a great way to celebrate by not only attending my first baptisms.  I was in Veszprém for 6 months and things were hard, but we never gave up.  I was able to see the baptism of an 11 year old boy I found, Dávid, and the baptism of an amazing 20 year old kid, Attila.  It was so wonderful to see the smiles on their faces.  Just days before, there was a terrible storm, there was snow and wind that you couldn't believe!  Buses were being blown over and many who were stranded on the freeways were forced to sleep in their cars to wait out the storm.  Luckily, the train still went to Veszprém, how could I miss that opportunity.  It was so worth it and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world.

Before the baptisms, I was also able to visit Attila's mom in a hospital about 45 minutes away in Szentgotthárd.  Soon after we found Attila, his mom became really sick, putting her in rehabilitation there.  That is the miracle of it all, in a time of need, the Lord found Attila and he found the Lord.  She expressed her love for her family and how much she misses being with them in Veszprém.  We testified of the blessings we can receive for our families by embracing this gospel.  The smile that we brought to her face sealed my Saturday to be the greatest 10 month celebration ever!  I don't know how long she will be by Szombathely, but I am just so grateful I could be just a small part in helping this wonderful family.

We had such a fun time with the other elders in Sopron as well.  We started out by helping some of their investigators move into their new business.  The sweet family then took the time to feed us for our service.  It was a cool opportunity to help out and then seal it all with a prayer on the building.  We then headed back to the other elders apartment and had a nerf war with their tiny toy nerf guns in their multi-level apartment.  It was such a fun day!

To seal the week, we had 6 investigators come to church.  I can't even begin to describe the joy I felt being sandwiched in the back rows between our small group of investigators.  I just couldn't help, but look at them and smile.  How amazing is this gospel and the help it brings to our lives.  It was just amazing to see the smile on each of their faces.  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

How could you not smile, it is going to be another great week!

Sok szeretettel,
Elder Jake Nelson

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