Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hungary Week 40


I hope everyone is doing just dandy!  This week was so great!  There were so many unique experiences and I can't help but smile.  We taught, found and had some adventures.  

First, in regards of teaching.  Since coming to Szombathely, we have met a wide range of people, from the strangest of the strange to the most jaw dropping amazing.  From holocaust victims to recovering stroke patients to amazing teenage musicians and artists here in Szombathely, we have been able to help and teach some of the most amazing people I have had the privilege to meet.  It was even our pleasure this week to bring 12 amazing investigators to church between the two companionship's here.  

The elders teach these two English as a service
We were also able to put another person on baptismal date this week.  She is the sweetest néni I have ever met!  This 78 year old woman was once a member of the church and was just waiting to take the step back into things.  Thanks to her daughter and grandson she was found and I couldn't be more excited for her.  

Dessert that Ági made for Jake's 'farewell'
There are so many people taking many important steps towards baptism and I am so grateful I have been able to help them.  The only sad thing is that I got my transfer call today and I am leaving.  I am heading to the bottom of Hungary to Pécs.  I am so excited to get an awesome young missionary, Elder Bennet, but I am going to miss Szombathely and these wonderful people.  There is so many people just waiting next to the waters of baptism, I just hope and pray that they will have the courage to leap into the water.  I have nothing but faith in the wonderful people of Szombathely and Elder Brown.

We found our hearts this week and have found some pretty amazing people.  There was a day in particular that I can think back to.  We had two hours left in the day and we decided to go tracting.  I felt prompted that we should head to the bottom of the city, a 40 minute walk away.  Door after door, people were just waiting for us.  In 1.5 hours, we placed 4 Book of Mormon’s.  Miracles I tell you!

We also had a wonderful May 1st!  We went on an amazing trip with the branch to a nearby village to a place called "Lukács háza."  We cooked huge things of bacon by the fire, went on a nice hike, played capture the flag with a Hungarian twist (It is called számháború) and had a great time with two of our investigators who came.  

After the adventure, we met with one of our investigators, an 18 year old girl attending the music school here in Szombathely.  She smiled and thanked us for inviting her to meet our branch or what she called "our little family."  

I am just so excited for another transfer of miracles!

Have a great week everyone!  Make some miracles : D

Elder Jake Nelson

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