Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hungary Week 42

What an awesome week!  So much has happened!  We went traveling around Pécs with some investigators, taught many people, had a wonderful baptism, were able to help a lot of people.
That first day I came here, we tracted into two great university students.  One of them is a 6'4 Croatian man and the other a sweet girl, both in their mid 20's.  As soon as we stepped into their door, they have been nothing but amazing.  These two college students started feeding us and just sharing so much desire to know more.  This last Monday, or preparation day, they took us to a beautiful valley which opened to a breathtaking lake.  We simply went a little site seeing, then sat near the lake talking about our different life experiences and then about eternal families.  It was one of my coolest experiences I have yet to have.
We are meeting with so many wonderful people here in Pécs.  The people are just so open, young and open.  It is kind of weird because it sends me back to my time at college, but it has been so nice to meet with so many different types of people.  Things are just great here in Pécs.
We had another baptism this last weekend that went great.  Her name is Emilia and she is just wonderful.  She tracted into a couple transfers ago and she is just one happy woman.  She was just ready as soon as the missionaries knocked on her door.  Just seeing her come out of the water with that smile on her face was so great.  She couldn't even hold in her happiness, she had to stand up and share her testimony after her baptism.  

We are smiling and making the most of these moments.  It was really funny this week, we were taking to a recently baptized kid that was having a hard time to get ice cream yesterday after meeting with him.  We were laughing and having a great time, then he turned to us laughing calling us "csecsemők."  It means infants, but then he explained that infants are always full of so much joy, joy that is hard to find in people as they grow up. 
Smile this week, it makes a difference! : D
Sok szeretettel,
Elder Jake Nelson

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