Monday, May 13, 2013

Year Mark This Week!

I never realized this, but every time I write on this blog, it totally feels like I am writing a little article because I have absolutely NO idea who reads this.  I think the funniest thing would be if I have just been writing a mass email to myself for the past year.  Either way, it was a great week!
I absolutely love the dream city of Pécs.  The people are so nice and open.  The first door I knocked was opened!  I am just in a dream land.  We also keep meeting with students in this university town who don't even speak Hungarian.  The majority speak English though, which is strange for me.  
I already miss Szombathely, but I am loving Pécs more and more by the day.  We had a great baptismal service this last Saturday for an awesome kid named Dávid.  He is a goofy 16 year old here in Pécs, but I have already come to love him.  
This next week we are baptizing a very sweet lady named Emilia.  I don't know where to even start with this sweet woman, but needless to say, she is wonderful.
We have already had some INTERESTING experiences this transfer, but I will have to share the goofy stories next week.  
Sorry for the short email, but needless to say, I am smiling!  I talked to my family yesterday as well, things are just great.
Sok szeretettel,
Elder Jake Nelson

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