Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hungary Week 66

More miracles!

This week was full of miracles on top of miracles.  It had its ups and downs, but that just shows the progression of the work.  People are getting baptized!

The work is going even faster and we were able to achieve super standard (In other words, we did really well)!  People are about to get baptized and we had a number of people not only accept baptismal dates, but baptismal challenges as well.  Elder Jones and I will hopefully set another 3 baptismal dates this week.  Door after door was opened and I couldn't be more grateful.
I got a call last night in regards to the investigator I met with last week in Pécs and she decided that she is going to be baptized THIS WEEKEND!  She felt the spirit so strongly the day after we met as she heard the Seventy at Stake Conference; she decided that she will be baptized.  I was just so happy to hear that news.
We set another baptismal date this week as well!  It is an amazing part member family.  The father has been a member for 21 years, but went inactive due to his work schedule about a year ago.  The Elders started meeting with him a couple weeks ago and when I first got here to Duna, he asked us to pray for his work so he can have an opportunity to come to church.

Well, he got fired that week we prayed for him!  That's not the good part, don't worry.  The good part is that one of his co-workers then opening the door for him to get a better job that self-same week!  The pay is better and he doesn't work weekends.
This program, he brought his 12 year old son and we challenged him to baptism.  This kid, who has never committed to baptism, accepted our challenge!  His father's eyes became huge and then said, "I want to baptize you son!  I am going to talk to the Branch President and will be worthy to baptize you on the 7th of December."  What a miracle!
I was able to go on splits with Elder Peterson from my MTC group. We saw miracles on top of miracles and found a new family on one of the biggest holidays in Hungary, Minden Szentek (All saints day).  
My companion and I, along with the Sisters were also able to head back to Budapest for a Zone Conference where President Teixeira, the Europe Area President, spoke to us!  It was so uplifting and I can't even begin to share what I learned from his address.  In short, I am going to be even more bold than I already am.  I am going to make these last 7 months my greatest!  I was also so blessed to translate all 4.5 hours for Sister Kovács, the Hungarian missionary I was serving around in Szeged.  I just love this language!
After all our wonderful meetings, I felt an arm on my shoulder and it was President Teixeira.  As he shook my hand, he simply said, "You are doing a good job, just keep going."  That was exactly what I needed to hear.  It was such a special experience.
I am so happy right now.  I really have realized the miracle of NOTICING the good in all things.  I can't wait to see what is just waiting to happen next, but I know that there are only more miracles to be had.
Smile this week everyone!  

Sok szeretettel,

Elder Jake Nelson

P.S. I will send pictures next week!

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