Monday, November 11, 2013

Hungary Week 67

Hello everyone!!!

So, this week was great!  The work is picking up and more and more people are getting involved in the work.  We started working with the branch more, we set another baptismal date and things are just going forward so quickly!  The Lord is just putting opportunities in our lap and I couldn't be more amazed.
First of all, that investigator from Pécs I was talking about last week was baptized!  I am so happy for her!  She was so ready to be baptized and I heard that it was a great program.  I wasn't able to be there due to our work here, but she understood and I am sure I will hear from her in the future.  SO AMAZING!
Although I wasn't able to see the baptism, we saw some major miracles here with our work!  We found 3 amazing new people and one of them, almost in tears asked us to bring that special feeling she had back into her home another time.  God must of had different plans for our work here I guess!
Other than that, we were able to really dig into our teaching this last week.  Sadly, now wasn't the time for some of them, but many of the people we have recently found and are now teaching are really starting to understand these things.  More and more people are coming to church and those that have goals to be baptized are really stepping up to the challenge to be ready!
I would say the miracle of the week would have to be what happened in church.  Elder Jones and I were praying to get our investigators at church, but sadly, some were not able to attend.  When we arrived, we were fairly unsure to the number of people who would attend.  To our disappointment, as the meeting began at9 a.m. only one of our investigators were in attendance.  With time more shuffled in, one that I hadn't met yet.
At the end of the meeting I met T.  He is an awesome guy that has been coming to our church on and off for the past 4 years here and in Budapest.  He has the Book of Mormon in 3 different languages and LOVES the church, so we set up for Monday to meet. 
As we waiting for him at the branch house, we were worried he wasn't going to show up due to his tardiness, but he eventually arrived!  As we sat down to talk about the Book of Mormon, he shared simple testimony of the church and the Book of Mormon.  We asked him why he hadn't been baptized and he simple responded that the topic hadn't really been addressed much.  
Then and there, we set him a baptismal date of December 7th and he expressed his excitement to receive the priesthood and serve!  From the pool of 2 investigators we started with, our work has grown to something great.  We expect 4 baptisms before transfers on the 12th of December!  MIRACLES I SAY!
In other news, life is great.  I am enjoying the little things of life and am so happy to see the miracles I have already seen this week.  Time is flying by way too fast, I have only 6 months left as of this weekend, but I am just savoring these moments.  
Smile this week everyone, I know I will!

Sok szeretettel,

Elder Jake Nelson

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