Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hungary Week 68

Hey everyone!

This week was fantastic!  We saw some pretty crazy miracles. 
Monday was a brilliant start to it all.  Things just went through allowing us to have 8 investigator lessons outside of working with some members as well.  The only problem is trying to find the time to get studies and other needful things like meals in.  It is all good though, I am starting to become a professional at fast meals. 
I am getting used to yogurt, granola, peanut butter sandwiches and I also found a cheap blender, so smoothies.  It is definitely making for some big adventures!
Tuesday we got the news that we are staying together, Elder Jones and I at least until December 12th.  We made some memories, ran to the Duna river, met with an amazing woman and had our English class.  

Wednesday was transfer day, but due to the fact that we weren't getting transferred, we were here in Dunaújváros finding and making some miracles.  That day, we found so many AMAZING people.  Door after door was opened as we tracted in our very own neighborhood and people just seemed excited to finally meet "the Mormons down the street."  
We have mainly worked in our own neighborhood since I have been here and it amazing to see how many people we have got to know.  Every time we walk out of our door now, people are greeting from across the street and inviting us into their homes.  That day we were able to also work with some members coming back into activity and make some goals with them to go to the temple!  These newly activated members are being such great missionaries as well!
Thursday we went back to some people we met on Wednesday and really saw a miracle in a man who was looking for hope and a new start.  B is 33 years old and just came back from living in Canada and England for 3-4 years.  Everything seemed to fall apart in his life, but we were able to share the message of the book of Mormon and bring him to church before seeing him off to Budapest on Wednesday.  His countenance changed and I saw a light in his eyes that I didn't see before.  He saw some hope and I am sure the Elders in Pest will be able to do some great miracles with him.  AWESOME experience.
Friday had a big scare.  A, the 20 year old girl that was to be baptized this weekend got VERY sick.  We received a call Thursday night as she called in tears out of fear of not making it to her baptism.  On Friday morning, Elder Jones and I gave her a priesthood blessing. At the end of the blessing we promised it would be alright.  That next morning, we received a call that she was okay.  The blessing really helped and she was able to be baptized on Saturday the 16th.  
That Saturday, we saw some great miracles as well!  One of which was the fact that there were 4 investigators present at A's baptism.  Some people that I met this last week, people who I met with when I got here and someone who is to be baptized on the 7th of December.  On top of that, the member support was amazing and A was just glowing at the event.
That night, after the wonderful event of her baptism, more hardships fell on the shoulders of A.  Things happened at home that scared her and she wasn't sure how she would be able to make it to church for her confirmation.  Once again, we promised her blessings, prayed with her on the phone and told her to just trust. 

She made it to church and I was able to confirm her.  At the end of her confirmation and big smile appeared on her face.  She told us that she felt like a new person.  That although she was still A, she felt as though she had a fresh outlook on this all.  She felt like she was home!

To see this wonderful experience, we had 5 other investigators at church.  As we looked around the room, Elder Jones and I, and we also saw some less active members there that we have been working with.  These are people who haven't been to church in an unknown length of time. Miracles were happening on top of miracles as the members started showing an excitement for the missionary work here in Dunaújváros.
After that, we met with an amazing girl of a part member family.  She is 23 and lives half the time here and half the time in Szeged playing handball.  We were so excited to see her at church for the 3rd time since I have been here!  I seized the opportunity and asked to visit after church.  We were able to watch the restoration movie with her and her family.  She seemed excited and we challenged her to seek for her answers.  We are going back for family night tonight, we will see what happens!
We also were able to give a blessing to a sick investigator as well.  She has been meeting with the missionaries for almost 3 years and she is starting to understand this all!  She is driven to be baptized on the 7th of December and I am so excited for her!  Miracles really are happening.
We then finished the day with an amazing program with an AMERICAN!  That's right, we found the one American in Dunaújváros, or should I say, Rácalmás, a village outside of Dunaújváros.  His name is A and he is the coolest man ever!  He is a retired pilot from the military.  He felt like his money would go farther here, so he took his retirement and moved out!

We met him when he was driving his motorcycle around the branch house.  He assured us that he didn't want to talk about religion, but out of kindness he invited us out to visit his house in this village.  He was stalked up on all the American goodies and he told us story after story of his military days.  At the end we shared with him the Book of Mormon and asked if we could come back and give him a copy.  Due to his reaction, we figured he wasn't too interested, so we let it go and let the situation sit for a while.

Well, the other day we had the feeling to call him.  He answered and asked when we can come out next.  Elder Jones and I were shocked and made our way out there as fast as we could.  When we arrived he showed us into the kitchen where he made some authentic American stew!  It was so amazing and just reminded me so much of my Dad's daily servings of grilled meats.  It was so good.

We talked and laughed through the meal and at the end, we pulled out the Book of Mormon we brought to give him.  Of course, he made a joke, but then looked at us sincerely and said, "I know I joke a lot, but I really do appreciate this." 
After the lesson, Elder Jones and I headed home with smiles.  We looked back at our week and saw where we came from!  This last week we taught 31 lessons to investigators, baptized someone and set a new baptismal date.  The Lord has his hand in this work!
The weirdest part of this all is that I hit my 1.5 year mark on the day of A's baptism.  I only have 6 months left.  The time really does fly too fast, but I know that this will be the BEST 6 months of my mission.  Miracles are coming and I am sure I will be able to share plenty of them next week. 
Have a great week everyone and NEVER forget to smile!

Elder Jake Nelson

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