Monday, November 25, 2013

Hungary Week 69

Hey everyone!

We saw some huge miracles this week as a zone, companionship and city.  We were able to take part in a priesthood blessing in which truly HEALED someone on their death bed, have two wonderful zone trainings, two wonderful splits, set a baptismal date and still maintain our work so it could be an example to help the missionaries around us!  It was one to remember!

First, I want to share a blessing that I experienced this week!  There was a member who contacted us earlier about her sick mother and let us know that she hoped we could give her mother a blessing sometime soon.  We got the call that her mother didn't have much time left on Wednesday.

We rushed to the hospital to see this sweet woman lying still in her bed.  This 80 year old woman was unable to move due to a stroke or type of brain failure she suffered from recently.  In what was thought to be her last moments, we were called.  

As I laid my hands upon her head, the spirit touched my heart more than it has ever before and I simply told this sweet woman to "Arise and be healed."  The next day, her daughter called with the news that her mother truly did "arise."  By Friday, she was walking.

I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for this experience.  The Lord's power to heal really is upon the earth today.  I can't even express in words my gratitude to have been able to be a tool in the hands of the Lord, even if it was just for a small second.  


Other than that, we had three main goals as we approached this week and were able to reach each and every one.  The first was to address the importance of goals in relation to the wonderful training we had from President Teixeira.  We addressed that with an analogy to gummy bears!

We had one companion see how many gummy bears they could make in the other's mouth in 30 seconds.  We compared this to the importance numbers play in our missions, how some fall by the wayside, but as we become seasoned missionaries we can help way more than just one person into the gospel.  We talked about how as seasoned missionaries, we need to better understand the needful steps to help an investigator into the waters of baptism.

The zone seemed excited and we challenged them to make a solid base and go for standard next week.  After that, we are going to be making more specific goals so we can help the work go even faster and better.  The missionaries seemed like they really enjoyed it and had fun.  

We also wanted to be an example for our zone and show them the importance of maintaining the work even in hard situations, so Elder Jones and I made some miracles and achieved amazing heights in our work despite all of the travel we had.  Monday we were in Budapest, Tuesday Veszprém, Wednesday Székesfehérvár, and Thursday Pécs.  We had so much time taken out for travel and trainings, but we worked some overtime and made something we call, "Super standard."  In simple terms, we did some great things.

After that, we had some wonderful splits with Veszprém and Pécs.  Both Elders S and F seemed motivated and excited. 

Elder S is the first new missionary in Veszprém since I was there.  We went to all my old investigators who were baptized or fell off baptismal date in Veszprém and door after door was opened.  We rekindled some of their fire and got many referrals.  We even saw the B, a family I helped reactivate and I also baptized their little girl.  As the door was opened, the mother looked at me with tears and said, "Elder Nelson, I am active!  I am getting a calling next week in the relief society.  Look at us!"  And of course, the little girl was still the most adorable thing EVER!  AMAZING!

Elder F is one of my good friends from the mission.  We were in the MTC together and it was so great to be together again.  He hasn't seen the success he deserves on his mission, but we didn't let that stop us.  We got out and I showed him a new way to tract.  We had so much fun just enjoying our time together, making miracles happen and seeing success!  We were able to count on one hand the amount of rejections we had.  After our long day of work, he looked at me with a smile and said, "Elder Nelson, why couldn't you have told me about this a year and a half ago?!" 

I just got a call from Elder F.  Today as they were tracting, he applied what he learned and had two let ins.  I can't even control my excitement!

We had an amazing zone training, we achieved our goals, and had some amazing splits.  

We were able to also help a part member family, by helping set a goal with an amazing 21 year old girl to be baptized.  

Right now, I am nothing but smiles.  Miracles really do happen and I can't wait to make some more.  The weeks just keep getting better and better.  Just wait for next week, miracles are bound to come!

Sok szeretettel,

Elder Jake Nelson

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