Monday, February 3, 2014

Hungary Week 79


I am so happy right now.  Time flies too fast on the mission, but all you can do is love each and every moment.  We had an epic week though!  It was full of adventure, miracles and new baptismal dates!

To start, I was able to go on splits with my old companion from Szombathely, Elder Brown.  It was so awesome to see him again.  He is district leader down in Kaposvár, so he came up to Dunaújváros with his companion to experience the miracles of Duna!  It was nice to catch up on life and everything.  It was so crazy to hear him speak because he was just a young missionary when I saw him last.  Now, he is almost in his 11th transfer! 

We had a day packed of programs.  The pinnacle of the day was meeting with an amazing woman named I.  She is about 65 and one of the most open women I have ever met.  Elder Jones and I tracted into her on Thursday and she pulled out her Book of Mormon that she received 10-20 years ago.  Her receiving of the Book of Mormon inspired her to buy one of her first Bibles as well. 

After meeting on Thursday, we asked to come back the next day.  Elder Brown and I taught the Restoration to I and she was just so accepting.  The spirit filled the room and after breaking down some scriptures, we invited her to be baptized on March 15 and she graciously accepted.  It was amazing to see her smile radiating the room.  After accepting, she asked us if she could come to church!  Elder Brown and I just looked at her with our jaws dropped.  AMAZING program.  

After our splits, Elder Jones and I kept going in boldness and challenged a couple we met a week and a half ago to join I on March 15th and be baptized.  They accepted with huge smiles.  

Elder Jones and I also just saw miracles on miracles finding new people and meeting with current investigators this last week.  We were literally hurrying from program to program. 

We were very excited as Sunday rolled around because many people were set on coming to church, but Dunaújváros was then hit with a HUGE ice storm.  We woke up in the morning and our car was covered in ice.  We spent the first part of our day chipping away at the windshield.  After getting in the car, I rolled down the windows revealing an ICE WINDOW!  It was so cool to look at!  We just poked it and it shattered everywhere.  

We showed up for our mission meeting at 7:30, but no one was there.  The branch president was thinking about cancelling church, but the Lord came through for us and a few of the members were able to make it out.  Our 10 investigators planning on coming slowly dropped call by call.  In the end, one of our 65 year old investigators got up the bravery to make it out along with that amazing couple we put on baptismal date this last week.  The Sisters had 2 investigators as well, making the investigator to member ratio very split.  It was definitely a miracle Sunday!

Miracles on miracles.  I am just so grateful for my mission.  I am sure that these last couple months will hold so many memories.  I am so grateful to be here.  I feel like I have finally come to terms with my mission coming to an end and I have found a good balance.  I recognize that the Lord has great things in store from me after my mission, but I want to live these last months even better than the first.  I want to make miracles and I am just living and loving the moment I am in now.  It is a good even keeled balance and trust in the Lord's eternal plan for me.  

Smile this week everyone!  Miracles are coming our way!

Sok szeretettel,
Elder Jake Nelson

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