Monday, February 24, 2014

Hungary Week 82


We saw so many miracles.  The Lord really knows what we need.  We just need to trust in Him and His will.  Coming to Érd was a little confusing for me, but I know that there are people here that I need to help.
When I came here on Wednesday, I was informed that we had 2 progressing investigators.  Well, those 2 amazing people were baptized this last weekend!  B and P were just glowing as they were baptized.  Although I never even had a program with B, she asked if I would confirm her on Sunday.  I still can't help but smile thinking about them and our experience.  It was so special!
So, with those 2 investigators being baptized, we had the work here reset!  Wednesday, I heard about the situation and Elder Zwingli and I got out and got to work.  We just drove ourselves into the ground working overtime with our hearts full of prayer and with a little fast thrown in.  In 4 days, we found 13 new investigators!  The Lord heard our prayers.
We brought our progress record to church on Sunday and the branch lit up with joy and we could see their excitement!  They were all raving that this is the time they had been praying for.  They were excited about MISSIONARY WORK.  I couldn't help but smile and know that the Lord put me here for a reason.  The Lord really does answer prayers and knows best.   We just need to learn to trust a little more in His almighty hand.
My email is short this week, but it is because there is too much to do!  My time is running out as a missionary and I need to seize the moment.  I just can't wait to share the miracles we see next week. 

Smile this week everyone!  Make a miracle and be a miracle in someone else s life.  
Sok szeretettel,

Elder Jake Nelson

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