Monday, March 3, 2014

Hungary Week 83


This week was absolutely epic!  We saw a bunch of miracles and I am so grateful for each and every moment I have here!  I don't have too much time to share my miracles, but I have two amazing stories to share.
The first, Zs.  Zs is an amazing girl that we met on Tuesday.  On Monday night I heard yelling outside of our apartment building at 10:45, so I investigated of course!  I opened the window to watch an angry ex-husband throwing rocks and scream at his ex-wife.  The ex-wife opened the window and called for the police and the guy fled. 
The next day, I had the feeling to tract in that building and we found an amazing girl.  She is 26 years old and we woke her up tracting at 10 in the morning.  She told us to come back in 10 minutes, so we did!  After sitting down, she opened up and expressed how grateful she was that we were there because she had a dream about us!  The next day we went back and taught the restoration and invited her to be baptism on April 12th and she seemed super open!
The next story takes place on Wednesday!  We taught English class and there was a new guy that came.  He was 27 years old and was intensely listening as I shared the spiritual message.  After class, he came up to me and asked to meet.
On Friday he shared his life story full of mistakes and wrong paths.  At the end of his High school career, he got into drugs and never finished.  He came to English class because he is trying to turn his life around.  We met and bore testimony of the power of Christ's Atonement and invited him to be baptized.  Our friend M is going to be baptized on April 12th.  I LOVE MY MISSION!

Last note, God finally answered my prayers more firmly in regards to what I need to do after my mission for studies.  I have been planning for the past 4 years to become a surgeon.  I always felt it would be amazing, but I never felt a confirmation.  This last week I thought of all my experiences throughout my mission and life.  I thought of the irony that I have always been sent to a struggling area or a weakened companion and then it dawned on me!  I need to become a psychologist.  This was something I never expected, but the Lord seemed very insistent in pursuing this course.

Now that I received this amazing answer, it makes me want to work even harder!  The Lord has blessed me so much throughout my mission, I just can't wait for the answers He has yet to give me as I continue in this work with all my heart, might, mind and strength.  
I LOVE LIFE!!!! Smile : )
Elder Jake Nelson

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