Monday, March 10, 2014

Hungary Week 84


This week was so great.  I just love being a missionary and seeing miracles.  I just am so grateful for all my opportunities and blessings.  This last week, we set 3 new baptismal dates, worked VERY hard, I had an amazing birthday and I just saw blessings upon blessings.

I don't have much time because we have so much going on and my P-day is shortened because I am going back to Dunaújváros for some baptisms this weekend, but I will share as much as I can!

We had some amazing programs this last week, but one of the biggest miracles happened yesterday.  When I first got here to Érd, I called a young mother that met with the missionaries a while ago, but fell away.  We tried to pull a meeting together for a while and just yesterday we were finally able to meet.  

We met her little 10 year old some and sat down to hear her story.  She fell into depression and just a bad crowd in 2012 and her life simply fell apart.  We talked to her about the happiness the gospel brings and a smile was brought to her face.  We asked if she felt the spirit as we spoke and she said that a peace was finally in her heart.  We bore testimony about the power of change and challenged her to baptism on April 5thand she was excited to accept.  AMAZING!

I also had so many birthday wonders.  We had 7 planned programs on it and I got 2 cakes!  We were fed lunch by an amazing member named Anikó and my English class made me a cake!  A few English class students went behind the pulpit to light the sparkler which turned out to be closer to a flare!  It was so funny!

Last Monday we were in Budapest as well.  It was so nice to be with the other missionaries!  I have a lot of friends up there right now, so a few of the missionaries took us up to the Buda castle and the Gringos Amigos, a Mexican restaurant.  There, they bought me a brownie and put birthday candles in it!  I just feel grateful.  Life is good!

Transfers are coming up next week.  This is my last big transfer.  Super weird how fast time flies.  

Life is good and miracles are coming.  There is a lot happening this next week.  We will see baptisms, Elder Dyches of the 70 and we are going to see the Atonement at work with our investigators!  

Smile this week everyone!  Life is good!

Elder Jake Nelson

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