Monday, April 7, 2014

Hungary Week 88

Hey everyone!

Sorry this is a little shorter, but time is flying by too fast!  Only a month and a half left and still so much to do!  

First of all, I LOVED CONFERENCE!  It was a nice gift because I was able to watch it in Hungarian and I felt like I was watching it in English.  It was just reaffirmed to me that I was called here for a reason.  Some of the church members grabbed me after and told me that they are sad I have to go home after learning Hungarian so beautifully.  I just feel touched.  I also loved all the messages in conference as well!  I just loved how all of the speakers turned their talks back to Christ.  They clearly connected the dots back to our Savior.  That just touched my heart and helped me recognize my need to turn more fully to Christ!

This week was good.  We were able to work hard and put a man on baptismal date!  We challenged him to try the promise in "The Book of Mormon" and he received peace in his heart and mind.  He told Elder Hall and I at conference that it is true.  With the church members, we were able to teach him the "Plan of Happiness" in between sessions of conference.  It was most definitely a memory for all those who participated.

We had a rough time with some of our baptismal dates, but thanks to many prayers, we were able to re-contact most of our baptismal dates by the end of the week.  The Lord really does answer prayers.

Things with Elder Hall are going great!  He was out for a day and a half due to sickness, but I was able to set up with many of our investigators and some members due to work while he was sleeping off his sickness and today, we are treating it as a normal work day outside of emailing.  So we won't let this little sickness stop us from making this transfer amazing.  It's his first transfer and my last one, we have to make it the greatest!

This week is going to be great though.  We are going to make so many miracles and do so many great things!  I just can't wait to share them next week.  Until then, keep on smiling!

Sok szeretettel,

Elder Jake Nelson

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