Monday, April 21, 2014

Hungary Week 90

Hey everyone!  

So this will be my shortest email yet, but it is because things are going so well here!   It was awesome to see the branch pushing the work forward as we saw 13 investigators at church.  Half of those people were brought as referrals from the members.  It was just such a wonderful feeling to see the chapel full of people.  I just can't even describe the feeling it brought to our hearts.  

We had a wonderful woman who was an investigator from Budapest come out to Érd this last weekend.  She is closer to us here in Érd and the spirit touched her heart.  She decided to push forward with her previously set goal of being baptized on May 3rd, but now it will be into our branch.  The Lord really does make miracles.  We were praying to find that person that needed this branch and that the branch needed and He just placed her in our path!

The church is true and miracles happen!  Easter was a HUGE miracle, but I will save the story for next week!

Smile this week!

Elder Jake Nelson

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